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Dockbuilders are the people who work with pile-driving rigs. ubcYou know, those big machines that look like cranes, but shake the ground as they drive metal, concrete or wood piling into the earth during the early stages of construction.

menUsually, dockbuilders are the first workers at the construction site. They drive metal sheet piling to hold back the dirt during excavations. They drive concrete and metal piling as part of the foundation system upon which skyscrapers are built, and they drive wood and concrete piling to hold up docks, wharfs and bridges.

In some cases they work on off-shore oil rigs and as commercial divers involved in underwater construction. Dockbuilders are also required to install heavy timbers and weld or cut large metal beams.

If you like working outside with large equipment, heavy materials, and sometimes under extreme weather conditions, then you'll like the hearty occupation of the dockbuilder!

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