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Timbermen - Skill List 
10 Hour OSHA Certified Market Recovery Rate
  16 Hour Scaffold Certified   Metro North Track Safety
2009 Stimulus NYCHA Resident Certification
  30 Hour OSHA Certified   NYC PWR Activated Tool CT
32 Hour Scaffold Certified Rigging Certified
  4 Hour Scaffold User   Scaffold Certified
8 Hour Scaffold Certified Scaffold Non-Certified
  Amtrak Safety Instruction   Sexual Harass Prevent CRS
Bath Surfaces Installation Sidewalk Shed Scaffold
  Certified Scaffold User   Signal Person Certification
Certified UBC Steward Supervision of Portable Fueled Space
  Confined Space Certified              Heaters at Construction Sites
CPR Certified Suspended Scaffold
  Fire Guard at Field Construction   SWAC Security Clearance
Fire Guard for Torch Operator TB Apprentice 1st Year
  Fire Stop Materials Certified   TB Apprentice 2nd Year
First Aid  Certified TB Apprentice 3rd Year
  Foreman   TB Apprentice 4th Year
Hazardous Communication Timbermen
  Hazardous Material Certified   Torch Use of Flammable Gases for 
Hilti/Ramset Power Tool            Cutting and Welding
  Hod Hoist Carpenter   TWIC Security Clearance
L.I.R.R. Track Safety UBC Aerial Lift Training
  Lawful Request Minority   UBC-Constr Steward System
Lawful Request Women Welder A W S Certified
  Layout   Welder NYC Certified